November Journal Club for Drexel EM: Appy’s, Oxygen, and CT for Seizures


Reading the literature is not just a part of residency training – it’s an important habit of EM physicians who have an evidence based practice!

Here’s the articles we are reviewing!

Five-Year Follow-up of Antibiotic Therapy for Uncomplicated Acute Appendicitis in the APPAC Randomized Clinical Trial

Is every appendicitis case a surgical emergency – maybe not!

Mortality and morbidity in acutely ill adults treated with liberal versus conservative oxygen therapy (IOTA): a systematic review and meta-analysis 

Oxygen – too little is not so good. What about too much? Well that’s another matter…

Emergency department neuroimaging for epileptic seizures This article looks at whether imaging is really required in patients who have a seizure with a known history of epilepsy and no other concerns really need a head CT

Enjoy – thanks for listening as always and see you at the boathouse!

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Podcast for November Journal Club Drexel EM