New Beginnings at the Crozer Keystone Health System: Crozer Emergency Medicine

I am very excited to announce that I will continue in my role as Emergency Medicine Chair for Drexel University College of Medicine. My new beginning will be as EM Chair for the Crozer Keystone Health System and the Regional Associate Dean for the Crozer Keystone Campus. Crozer is a regional campus for Drexel Med and has a 4 hospital system and an Emergency Medicine Residency and an Ultrasound Fellowship. Amazingly, I am also reunited with some of my displaced residents and former colleagues, and I will be bringing onboard some of the faculty from our residency at Hahnemann. To get me started, Dr. Mark Saks and I sat down and talked about the Health System and the EM Residency. Mark is the Program Director for Crozer EM, and a friend and former faculty at Hahnemann. He was the APD for our program at Drexel and founded the Crozer EM Residency 5 years ago. Mark is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine. We talked about the established EM residency and ultrasound fellowship at Crozer and the great training that the residents and fellows are getting at the program. In my first month, I have already been so deeply impressed with the people in the department! Suffice it to say that I am thrilled and thankful to be part of this great crew and I am very excited to  get started!

Now on to the Podcast!