Interview with Dr. Ernie Leber, Drexel EM’s new Program Director

In this interview I am excited to introduce Ernie as the new Program Director for our incoming class of interns in June. I talk with Ernie about his new position, what motivates him to teach, and we entertain deep thoughts on autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Special shout out to all our fantastic EM Program Candidates listening in podcast land. Get in touch for any questions you might have for Ernie (or anyone here at Drexel EM) and good luck in the Match! See you in June!

Journal Club: Stroke interventions (clot busters and grabbers) and consenting patients for same!

Journal Club PodCast: Flipped classroom!

Assignment is to read the articles, listen to the podcast, and be prepared to apply your knowledge to clinical scenarios when you come to Journal Club.

Articles are:
Acute stroke intervention: A systematic review JAMA April 14, 2015

Endovascular Therapy after IV TPA versus TPA alone for stroke NEJM March 7 2013

Comparative efficacy of different acute reperfusion therapies for acute ischemic stroke: a comprehensive benefit-risk analysis of clinical trials Brain and Behavior 2014

A review of decision support, risk communication and patient information tools for thrombolytic treatment in acute stroke: lessons for tools developers BMC Health Services Research 2013

Tool for describing stroke risk from AAEM tpaedtool-AAEM

See you at Journal Club!

Opinions are of course our own…! Music is “Heartbeats” by Cat Hamilton created exclusively for this podcast – how cool is that!

Downloadable PDF for treating ICH on anticoagulants

Recommendations for reversal of antithrombotic agents in patients with intracranial hemorrhage

Finally put this together in a PDF – download at the link below. Put it to good use and let me know if it works for decision support! Also lots of good podcasts on the way – Rita McKeever and I will finally put more TOX in emtoxcast and Ed Ramoska will join me for a flipped journal club podcast on CVA interventions! Stay tuned…

Recommendations for reversal of antithrombotic agents in patients with intracranial hemorrhage