Journal Club: Stroke interventions (clot busters and grabbers) and consenting patients for same!

Journal Club PodCast: Flipped classroom!

Assignment is to read the articles, listen to the podcast, and be prepared to apply your knowledge to clinical scenarios when you come to Journal Club.

Articles are:
Acute stroke intervention: A systematic review JAMA April 14, 2015

Endovascular Therapy after IV TPA versus TPA alone for stroke NEJM March 7 2013

Comparative efficacy of different acute reperfusion therapies for acute ischemic stroke: a comprehensive benefit-risk analysis of clinical trials Brain and Behavior 2014

A review of decision support, risk communication and patient information tools for thrombolytic treatment in acute stroke: lessons for tools developers BMC Health Services Research 2013

Tool for describing stroke risk from AAEM tpaedtool-AAEM

See you at Journal Club!

Opinions are of course our own…! Music is “Heartbeats” by Cat Hamilton created exclusively for this podcast – how cool is that!

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