Mindfulness in medicine: Physician heal thyself

Physicians are among the most unhappy, stressed out professionals. In fact, there is tremendous job dissatisfaction throughout the house of medicine. In this first in a series animated video cast, I describe how physicians can explore mindfulness to recognize when stressful situations are bringing out their worst traits and why that happens. I discuss the value of treating these difficult moments with kindness, curiosity, and acceptance. I believe we can use mindfulness to explore how various fears very personal to our own situation function as the subconscious engine that drives behaviors that are destructive, disruptive, and depressing. Physicians can return to a positive state of mind and the excitement of those first moments of fulfillment they felt when they started their journey in medicine if they adopt mindfulness techniques.


6 thoughts on “Mindfulness in medicine: Physician heal thyself

    1. In reality we probably flow between hopefulness, coping and moping. The real trick may be trying to stay on the coping side trying to push our mind into hopefulness as much as possible


      1. Bob – thanks for listening!!

        My friend and mentor Rick McKnight coined the term victim, survivor, and navigator. Being a survivor (coping) means that you will… well, survive! That’s not the worst thing in the world. Constructive coping is a pretty good thing! What we all want to do though is be a navigator! Navigators have hope.


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