Can Social Media save Emergency Medicine?

Here’s a video cast of the talk I gave at the Association of Academic Chairs of Emergency Medicine Annual Retreat March 22, 2017. The purpose of the talk was to inform EM academic chairs about the social media in medicine movement. The theory of the talk is that our hero, your average EM physician, is in crisis. They are leaving patient care because they feel their autonomy threatened, they struggle to maintain mastery of the complexity of clinical practice, and they feel that they have lost a sense of purpose. Social Media is the found pilot of emergency medicine – building social capital, accelerating knowledge translation, and enabling personal learning networks. The net effect is to give EM physicians a restored sense of themselves. EM physicians engaged in social media feel empowered to defend their autonomy and have a stronger sense of purpose and mastery. I hope you enjoy the talk and would love to hear your feedback! I want to thank Ken Milne and K Kay Moody for taking time to speak to me about their ideas on social media – and more importanly for being social media pioneers that have made a difference. These and so many others are the found pilots of our specialty! #getonboard

Daniel Pink “Drive”

Robert Putnam “Bowline Alone”

O’Connor and Dornfield “The Moment You Can’t Ignore”

Social Media and Health Care Survey

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3 thoughts on “Can Social Media save Emergency Medicine?

  1. Hey! Great talk!
    Was gonna suggest that you also link to a few other papers that might help chairs find their way on this topic:

    1) Sherbino J, Frank JR. @ SirBill: the power of social media to transform medical education.

    2) Sherbino J, Arora VM, Van Melle E, Rogers R, Frank JR, Holmboe ES. Criteria for social media-based scholarship in health professions education. Postgraduate medical journal. 2015 Oct 1;91(1080):551-5.

    3) Lin M, Thoma B, Trueger NS, Ankel F, Sherbino J, Chan T. Quality indicators for blogs and podcasts used in medical education: modified Delphi consensus recommendations by an international cohort of health professions educators. Postgraduate medical journal. 2015 Aug 14:postgradmedj-2014.

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